These exercises should be done before training sessions either shooting as weights or career and before stretching.


without moving your shoulders turn his face to the left and then right, always to the top, ten times. without moving your shoulders we turn the head to touch the ear with the right shoulder (if not arrived, to the maximum allowed) and then to the left tenfold.
  • head back (facing the sky) and then forward until his chin touched the chest, or the maximum we can reach ten times.
  • We rotate neck to the right and left for ten times. It is very important not to make complete rotations, only a maximum of 180 °.


With arms outstretched, the way we propeller turning, forward and at the same time ten times. Then ten times back.

  • the same as above but first the right and then the left.
  • like but the first arm 180 will advance to the other. Then back.
The same as above but one arm goes forward and the other backward ten times and vice versa.
  • extendemos arms crossed and small circles describe them forward and then ten times ten times back.
Stand-wear with your legs together and arms fallen to the side of the body. Then lift your shoulders without moving your arms and lower them again. Do this 10 times.

Chest and back

  • with arms crossed, crossed to the maximum so that one passes under the other reaching out to touch the side and the other touch the opposite shoulder while we get "Hump"; thereupon the descruzamos returning to the starting while we draw chest and try to reach the top that allow us to position arms. We repeat but crossing them backwards, ie, before the step above, now passes beneath. This is a repeat. They made ten.
  • coloquese standing with arms outstretched and legs apart at shoulder height. Rotate to one side the upper trunk, trying not to move the rest of the body, and then the other always looking for the stop. Do this 10 times.


  • Rotate large circles with your forearms at the elbow to the side and then the other. Ten in each direction.
  • with arms stretched forward and parallel to each other, rotate wrists in circles to one side and then the other. Ten in each direction.
  • in the same arm position than before, we closed and open hands tightly for ten times.
  • golpee in a smooth manner the back of his hand against the palm of your opposite hand and vice versa. This way your fingers warm. Do it ten times with each hand.
  • Cojase finger, for example, index with your opposite hand, as if to embrace him. Twist your finger gently toward each direction for heating and stretching the tendons and ligaments of them. Repeat with all fingers and especially with hand rope a few times.


  • of Stand with feet facing forward, parallel to each other and shoulder height, lay hands on the waist and we rotate the trunk 360 ° on its axis without moving your legs ten times and then the other side another ten times.


  • Marche for 30 times without leaving the site up knees well and accompanying the movement with arms. Do it at a moderate pace.
Site without moving and with legs straight and parallel to shoulder height and looking adelande feet, lift one leg, crossed over the other, until it forms a 90 degree angle with the thigh shin, and describe with it a twist, with the foot always looking forward, about 45 degrees in the opposite direction of the other leg and then lower the leg to the foot touches the ground. If you have done well, it was found again in the starting position. Repeat this ten times with each leg alternately right with the left.
  • with legs together and hands on knees, exerts a rotation thereof to the right, so bend your knees by turning to the right and then pull. Ten to each side
  • with legs straight and hands on knees, bend your knees and contract for ten times.
  • with one leg raised submit to one foot, ten rotations at the ankle to the side and then ten to the other and then repeat with the other foot.
  • with one leg, bend one foot up and then down ten times and then the other.

General exercises

  • standing with legs together and arms fallen throughout the body. Then open your legs while Lavanta arms to cross them and return to the original position. Do this 20 times.
  • Exercises With thera-band: (note: try to do the exercises with a hardness of moderate to mild with thera-band as it is for heating only)
  • Take your thera-band with both hands. Situe their own opposite arms parallel to each other and forming an angle of 90 ° with its trunk. Immediately afterwards there will your arms back, seeking the position and even forcing her cross. Do this 10 times. Try to keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.
  • this is the same as above but instead of starting with closed arms do starting from the position of the cross. Place your thera-band caught with his hands but pass behind his back, unlike before passing in front of the chest, and arms to close them together. The arms must always be straight. Do ten times.
  • situese with your feet parallel to each other and to shoulder height. Put your arms in cross and place your thera-band as follows: step on it in its central region with both feet and grasp it with your hands. Starting from the position of a cross, stretch your arms above your head until they touch their hands. Do this 10 times and try to keep your arms straight.
  • with the thera-band situated in the same way as before, place your arms straight in front of you in the same way as the first exercise of Thera-band and stretch your arms above your head to the upright with long arms straight . Do ten times.
  • standing-wear with thera-band caught with his hands and stepping on both feet. Place your arms extended above his head and bend backward acontinuacion by the elbows toward the center of the back and to return to the starting position. Do this 10 times.
  • efectue simulations then shooting with both hands and fast just to loosen muscles. Perform 15 to 20 with each arm.
  • Make quality 6 shots with the thera-band arm pulling habitually thinking and visualizing a perfect shot of sensations